Smirnova A. Problems of applying the concept of “liberal peace” in russian research // Studia Humanitatis Borealis. 2015. Vol. 5. № 2. P. 17‒33.

Issue № 2


Problems of applying the concept of “liberal peace” in russian research

Department of World History, Political Science and International Relations, Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, Petrozavodsk State University,
Petrozavodsk, Russia,
Ключевые слова:
peace research
peace studies
liberal peace
Oliver Richmond
Johan Galtung
Russian approaches to peace
Аннотация: This article explores the perspectives of applying the concept of “liberal peace” in order to analyze the peculiarities of Russian notions of peace. To this end the article contains a short description of peace studies development and peculiarities of contemporary peace researchers’ approach. The influence of eurocentrism and power relations upon the definition of peace and the methods of achieving it makes studying the concept of peace concept important. The “liberal peace” framework is one of the most relevant concepts of modern critical peace studies. This article focuses on O. Richmond’s concept of “liberal peace”, which contains “victor’s peace”, “constitutional peace”, “institutional peace” and “civil peace”. This article attempts to apply these concepts in order to analyze Russian political events, while highlighting the challenges and perspectives of searching for an alternative “Russian” approach to peace.

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