Fedosov A. Olonets province police functions during the First World War // Studia Humanitatis Borealis. 2016. Vol. 2. № 2. P. 4‒26.

Issue № 2


Olonets province police functions during the First World War

leading expert of the group of educational work,
Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Karelia,
Petrozavodsk, Russia, muzeymvdpork@mail.ru
Ключевые слова:
Olonetsk police
Olonets province
World War I
people's militia.
Аннотация: The article deals with the previously unexplored aspects of the police of Olonets province in 1914—1917 during the First World War and highlights additional functions of the police, determined by conditions of wartime under the legislation of the Russian Empire. The author focuses on the performance of specific tasks by the police on the territory of the province under state of emergency, as well as draws conclusions on the professionalism of police officers. The article stated a direct continuity between the former police and the new militia that on the background of the dramatic events of the February Revolution of 1917, continued to carry out police functions in the province of law enforcement and public safety in the framework of Russia’s final stage legislation.

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