Azimov E., Katina E., Virshieva D. IMMIGRATION AND IMMIGRANT CRIME IN FINLAND // Studia Humanitatis Borealis. 2018. Vol. 1. № 1. P. 25‒30.

Issue № 1



Petrozavodsk State University, Institute of Economics and Law, Department of Criminal Law and Process,
Petrozavodsk, Russia,
4th year student,
Petrozavodsk State University, Institute of Economics and Law,
Petrozavodsk, Russia,
студент 4 курса,
Petrozavodsk State University, Institute of Economics and Law,
Petrozavodsk, Russia,
Ключевые слова:
migrant worker
immigration to Finland
residence permit
violation of immigration and criminal laws.
Аннотация: Safety, a high standard of living and incomes of the population, free education, as well as a powerful social protection system and the geographical proximity of Finland are the main features that make this country attractive to migrants from Russia and other countries. According to a research by the European Institute, migrant workers see work in Finland as an opportunity to improve their financial situation and many of them are ready to compromise on employment and the conditions provided for employment. Many of foreigners wish to move to Finland for permanent residence and to obtain citizenship. This requires serious reasons (such as family bonds, studies, work, business, etc.) determining the goals and status of migrants, as well as the time of consideration of applications for residence permits by state bodies. Foreign nationals immigrating to Finland and other countries may hide the real purpose of their visit. Such people can be divided into several groups. The first group is citizens of other countries who went to Finland to work without legal grounds (permits). The second is abusing the status of an asylum seeker. The third group includes persons who participated in smuggling. A high level of control reduces frequent abuse of rights. At the same time, the number of crimes committed by foreigners, including Russian citizens, is relatively small in Finland, despite the fact that in Russia more severe punishments are provided for them. The legislation of Russia and Finland establishes different criminal liability for crimes of the same type (for example, human trafficking; staying in the country without the required document, visa or residence permit; import or export of prohibited goods or goods requiring special permission or inspection of a public authority, etc.). Typical crimes committed by foreigners living in Finland are thefts, assaults and drug crimes, vehicle theft. According to statistics, the same person could commit several crimes. The information is based on data obtained from the police and collected from records by personal identification numbers.

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