Kilin Y. Unknown battle of the Karelian front in july 1944 // Studia Humanitatis Borealis. 2015. Vol. 4. № 1. P. 15‒22.

Issue № 1


Unknown battle of the Karelian front in july 1944

Doctor of Historical Sciences,
Head of the Department of World History, Political Science and International Relations, Institute of History, Political and Social Sciences, Petrozavodsk State University,
Petrozavodsk, Russiа,
Ключевые слова:
Great Patriotic War
Karelian Front
battle near Lake Nietjärvi
unknown battle in July 1944
4th Infantry Corps
37th Guards Rifle Corps
Аннотация: The article highlights the major offensive of the 7th Army of the Karelian Front north-east Pitkaranta at the front between Lake Vuortanajärvi and Lake Ladoga, in mid-July 1944. There are no special works dedicated to this key episode of the so-called Svir-Petrozavodsk operation in the Russian historiography of World War II up to the present time. The tactical breakout north-west Lake Nietjärvi achieved by the 4th Infantry Corps’s units on 15—17 July 1944 was subsequently blocked by Finnish troops. Therefore, the 7th Army did not fulfill the task of capturing the town of Sortavala and moving towards Mikkeli. As a result Stavka of the Supreme Command was forced to abandon the goals of operation — unconditional surrender the Finnish Army, capturing the entire south-eastern Finland and the rapid withdrawal of the country from the war.

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